IPv6 Cool Stuff

IPv6 Content

Note: Just because a website says you are not connected to THEM using IPv6
does not necessarily mean your IPv6 connection is broken.
Try a different website. It could be that THEIR IPv6 site is slow or broken.

www.ipv6ready.org - IPv6 Ready Logo Site
www.ipv6tf.org - The IPv6 Portal
IPv6day - Look under the logo to see if you are using IPv6.
IPv6 at Google - (The IPv6 Google logo doesn't bounce anymore)
www.kame.net - The turtle dances if you are using IPv6.
www.sixxs.net - IPv6 Deployment & Tunnel Broker
ipv6.netflix.com - Netflix with IPv6
ipv6.wireshark.org - Wireshark Network Analyzer over IPv6

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