New Technologies

Free Energy

Tom Bearden - Motionless Electromagnetic Generator
Steorn - Irish company challenges the scientific community

Web Technologies

Wikipedia Forever

Scientific Research

Folding@home ( Mikal Evans ) ( Scalini's )

UPS Systems

Precise Power - UPS without batteries


The Moller Sky Car
Virgin Galactic
QSST - Quiet Supersonic Transport


Light Peak - Replacing copper with Fiber
Luxtera - Fiber to the Chip
iPhone Comparison
MobileMe - Exchange for the rest of us
NexentaStor - ZFS Storage Appliance
iBIQUITY - HD Radio - Over-the-air Digital Radio
(((XM))) - XM Radio - Satellite Digital Radio
SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Satellite Digital Radio
Blu-ray Disc - High-def optical disc technology
HD DVD - High-def optical disc technology
DataGlyphs - Digital data hidden in plain sight

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